Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Must Complete Your Antibiotic Course: Know Why?

Nowadays, human diseases are growing very rapidly. Most of the diseases are caused by serious physical problems whereas some are caused by deficiency of nutritive elements and the infections of various types. The treatment options are varies as per the diseases.

If you are suffering from any diseases then you need to follow a course of antibiotics. These antibiotics are nothing but a special medicines which are formulated to killing the bacteria or other agents that cause the infections. If you are not completed your antibiotics course it causes some health issues. Let’s see some reasons why you need to complete your antibiotic course.

1. Relapsing Of The Infection

You need to finish the course of antibiotic first, otherwise the risk of disease relapse may increase. If the disease relapses within a short time interval that can be dangerous for your health.

2. Immune System Would Not Get Its Vitality

Antibiotic also helps to strengthen the immune system. If you avoid or do not complete the antibiotic course then the immune system does not get backs its real strength.

3. Quantity Of Medicine Should Reach A Certain Level

As per the doctors suggestion, antibiotic works only when the body takes a certain quantity of the medicine. If you do not complete the course of antibiotics, this level can never be reached.

4. Bacteria Can Grow Again

If you didn’t complete the course of antibiotics then you may fall into the risk of re-infection which can be dangerous for your body.

5. Body Loses Its Resistance Capacity

When you are suffering from illness, at that time your body loses its resistance capacity. So, complete the course of antibiotics to get back the resistance capacity of your body.

6. Killing Resistant Bacteria

The target of antibiotic medicine is to kill all harmful bacteria as well as the resistant bacteria. If you stop the course of antibiotics, then the serious bacteria and the resistant bacteria are remain undestroyed. This may result in some serious health problems.

7. Get Rid of The Infection Completely

To get rid of infection completely, you need to finish your antibiotic course. Continue even if you start feeling better.

8. Faster Recovery

You need to complete your antibiotic course, to get recover from diseases quickly. If you do not complete your course then the infection may persist for a longer duration.

9. Stay Away From The Same Infection

The completion of antibiotic course helps you to save yourself from getting affected from same disease for certain period of time.

10. Stop Wastage of Medicine

Generally, people purchasing the medicines for the complete course. If you do not complete the antibiotic course, then it results in wastage of the medicines. As we know, there are some antibiotics which are very costly in terms of pricing, you stand wasting money.

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